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Brgy. Dolores, Alviera, Porac, Pampanga

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Avida Settings Alviera

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Brgy. Dolores, Alviera, Porac, Pampanga
Turnover Date: RFO
Unit Sizes: 52 sqm - 87 sqm
Price Range: Php 1.8M - Php 6.9M


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Avida Settings Alviera By Avida Land

Whether you want to purchase a house & lot as a lifestyle upgrade, investment or both, the most important aspect you ought to consider is whether the property will meet your needs and impact your lifestyle positively. If you are a veteran in buying of homes and other properties, you already know that buying a house can be an exciting or disappointing experience depending on how you carry out your search. If you want the best house unit, then buy from Avida Settings Alviera because you’ll find the best property that will make you happy and feel fulfilled.

Avida Settings Alviera is a house & lot type of property that’s ready for ownership to anyone looking for a house in a beautiful and peaceful environment in Alviera. It combines natural beauty provided by the environment and latest house innovations to give you the best home for your family. Besides that, it’s a well-planned community that’s in a scenic town that attracts visitors from within and even outside the city. Most importantly, this environment gives you a chance to enjoy the beauty that nature gave for free, but in a modern living space composed of well-designed houses and lots.

The part of the Alviera where this property sits gives you easy access to world class facilities and amenities that will make your life in the area enjoyable. In fact, almost all the essential centers are close and will only take you about 20mins to get to where you want. If you love flying, then you need to get a house here because it’s close to Clark International Airport. You’ll, therefore, not suffer inconvenience whenever you want to spend time far away from home. Renowned medical centers and schools are also available and within your reach, once you are part of the diverse Alviera Community.

Get the Right Property for Your Family at Avida Settings Alviera

Every homeowner would like to get a house that will be ideal for his family. However, it can also be a challenge to get one that has all the required features right from the floor plan, walls, ceiling to beautiful outdoor. If you are a veteran in buying homes, you must be aware that there are times when a new property may look okay, but once you are in, you’ll realize that some things aren’t what you thought they were when you chose the house. Avida Settings Alviera has been well crafted by highly experienced architects and designers. You won’t complain or discover loopholes once you are in with your family. Besides that, there are different models and plans to meet the different needs of homeowners. Some of the models you’ll get include:

•    Celine Model

•    Trista Model

•    Macy Model

If you want any of these models and in a highly attractive environment, then be part of Avida Settings Alviera Community. All these models are high-quality and will surely last for many years but, of course, depending on how you maintain them. The best way to make your model good is to choose the one that’s favorite for you and let it be customized to suit your needs. If you get a good designer and tell them the kind of floor plan or ceiling you desire, you will eventually get it and live comfortably in your dream house in Alviera. But even without customizing your home, you’ll still enjoy the uniqueness of your house because all units are designed uniquely in this new property that’s up for ownership by homeowners including you.

Avida Settings Alviera Is a brought to you by a Veteran Developer

This beautiful residential property is an investment of Avida Land, a renowned property developer that’s committed to always coming up with high-quality and unique properties. So far, all the properties developed and sold by this great investor in Alviera remain unique and loved by many. Though the whole area of Alviera has in the recent past undergone tremendous transformation and rapid developments, you can easily single out the work of Avida Land from the rest because of their uniqueness and stunning craftsmanship.

Avida Land is ready and has all it takes to make it possible for you to own the house & lot of your dreams. Furthermore, their approach to work is a beautiful combination of latest building technologies and natural beauty. Just take a look at the beautiful surrounding and the scenic mountains that surround the whole area of Alviera. Indeed, you should not let this chance of getting a house in this area go. Take a step right away, and you’ll live to be a happy homeowner in Alviera.

The mountains adorned the verdant backdrop of The Avida Settings Alviera in Porac, Pampanga. The 1,100 hectare Alviera is a joint venture between property giant Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI) and Lenio Land and is an integrated mixed-use and well-planned community in this scenic town. It is envisioned to be the next growth center in Central Luzon. Porac lies at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo while Mt. Arayat is about 50km on the west.

The Settings Alviera, on the other hand is an Avida Land’s residential development inside the Alviera Township and offers close proximity to Clark International Airport in nearby Angeles City, the Subic Bay Freeport Zone (SBFZ) and San Fernando City, the capital of Pampanga. Porac is Pampanga’s largest town in terms of land area and is traversed by the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

The Settings is touted to set the trend in modern community living amid the backdrop of nature where amenities and facilities are in a world-class scale. The world-renowned Sandbox (a recreation and leisure park inside Alviera) is at its doorstep, so do prominent schools and universities as well as medical centers and commercial centers for your immediate needs.

Avida Land Avida Settings Alviera in Pampanga, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Avida Settings Alviera, then check here first. We have full details of Avida Settings Alviera updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Avida Settings Alviera - Location & Vicinity

The geographic location of a place is very vital, and among the things, you need to evaluate carefully when making a decision to buy a residential property. Most importantly, you probably know that the part of the country you live has a major impact on your lifestyle. Avida Settings Alviera is a perfect place to call home for all the fantastic reasons. Located at Alviera’s center, this house & lot property is right next to the major places of work, schools, and commercial centers among other essential centers. Avida Settings Alviera meets all these requirements. It’s, therefore, the best place because it meets all the aspects you would want to consider including:

Geographic Location

Avida Settings Alviera offers you proximity to the capital of Pampanga, the great Angels City, San Fernando City and many other commercial centers to meet all your needs. The area also has beautiful scenery that makes it a great tourist attraction center.

School District

If you have family and you would like to give your kids the best education, then you need to invest in this great house & lot property. You won’t have to spend your money taking them to schools far away from home. Once you are in this rapidly growing center, you’ll easily access prominent schools.


For many people, safety is a major consideration. Well, Avida Settings Alviera and its environs are highly secure and will no doubt give you the peace of mind you need at home. Above all, the Alviera community is friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Proximity to Leisure and Recreational Places

Sandbox, a renowned recreation and leisure park is within Alvieara, and you can easily access from this area. You won’t be yearning for holidays to travel to recreational centers. Once you have a house in Avida Settings, you have access to a world-class leisure park.

Potential Neighbors

Avida Settings Alviera is located in a neighborhood that’s known for peace and development. You will not complain or find the lifestyles of people here to be strange or unsuitable for you. If you prefer living near people who are like you, then you’ll will friends here since it’s a perfect mix of diverse cultures.

Selecting this location is, indeed, the best decision you’ll ever make. It’s an excellent place to call home now and in the future. You, however, need to take action immediately before you are late. Since this is a growing area, everyone is rushing to get something. It’s just a matter of time before you hear that all the available house units are sold. Join other investors now and be part of the many activities that are taking place in Alviera. More people have been coming to this great site because there’s a lot to do here. You can’t give your family any other good living environment than what you will get in Avida Settings Alviera. Everything including space is just okay for you. Seize this opportunity and live in the best location that has everything you need.

Landmarks :

  • 1 hr 15 mins from Quezon City
  • 5 mins from Clark
  • 20 mins from Angeles City
  • 45 mins from Subic
  • 500 meters from Sandbox
  • 12km to Clark South Exit (SCTEX)
  • 20km to Clark International Airport
Avida Settings Alviera Location

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Swimming Pool


Avida Settings Alviera - Features & Amenities

Whether you want to buy your first property for resale later or you are searching for a place to make it your home, you need to keep an eye out for essential amenities. You need to be keen here because facilities and amenities are the perfect parameters that will help you commit your resources to a worthwhile investment. While you can make your home look nice, your living environment will not be perfect without all the essential facilities and amenities that make living enjoyable.

Avida Settings Alviera is a residential development within the Alviera Township where you are sure of having easy access to all the amenities you want. If you have been to this area in the recent past, you’ll agree with us that, indeed, it has transformed into a modern living community with all the necessary facilities. Once you are in this beautiful area that’s adorned with numerous scenic mountains, you’ll live the life you have always wished to live. Indeed, Alviera is a master-planned community that combines nature and urban setting. To paint a picture of what it means to get a house & lot in this place, here are the amenities you and your family will enjoy:

•    Spacious Children’s Play Area

•    Clubhouse

•    Modern Kiddie and Adult Pools

•    A Jogging Path

•    Basketball Court

•    Central Park

•    And Many Others

In addition to the above facilities, many other developments are also going on in the area. That’s why looking for a home in this area is very exciting. If you get a space here and do everything possible to make your house look good, the dream home you’ve always had in mind will become a reality. All houses are built nicely and have all you need. Howeever, it won’t cause any harm to add a few things that will customize your home. Your friends and visitors should read something about you when they visit your place. Therefore, add unique stuff as much as possible. You’ll make your place the best that will be admired by everyone. That’s the meaning of having a perfect home. Avida Settings Alviera is the best place to acquire and develop such a home.

The setting is carefully planned to give the residents access to world renowned sites and centers. For instance, the world-renowned Sandbox is at the doorstep of this fantastic property. Moreover, prominent schools and universities are within reach from Alviera. Medical and commercial centers are also not left out. That’s why we can comfortably say that this is the next growth center that will be attracting every developer’s attention. Indeed, there’s so much to do in this area that’s becoming popular among tourists. There’s a lot to do and see especially the old gems and the new developments that are shaping up the area into a new attractive residential and commercial center. Don’t miss to see Alviera’s urban innovations and natural features you might not have seen in the past. Decide what type of house you need at buy it right away.

  • Adult and kiddie pools
  • Clubhouse
  • Children’s play area
  • Central park
  • Jogging path
  • Basketball court

Avida Settings Alviera - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Celine ₱ 4,215,900 127 sqm
Macy ₱ 4,780,900 152 sqm
Trista ₱ 5,279,100 167 sqm

Avida Settings Alviera - Payment Option

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Why You Should Invest In  Avida Settings Alviera

The local government has made Mt. Pinatubo one of its main attractions as tourists have the chance to witness and enjoy the lake inside the volcano’s crater. The site is a major crowd drawer and brings additional income to the local government. The flocking of tourists (local and foreign) makes the town’s economy more vibrant and alive.

Sandbox is a hit inside Alviera

The Sandbox is an outdoor adventure set inside the Alviera Township. It is also a crowd drawer and main source of income for Alviera. The outdoor adventure is dramatically introducing the locality into the pleasant world of attractions.

Entry of Ayala Land in Porac Signals Economic Boom

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported in late 2014 during the launching of Alviera, quoting Meean Dy, ALI’s Vice President and Head of Strategic Landbank Management as saying, “With ALI’s rich legacy in developing integrated mixed-use communities, Porac will be transformed into a master planned township unlike any other province and in the whole of Central Luzon”. 

With this statement, ALI is committed to uphold its promises of making Porac the center of economic activities in Central Luzon, investors in the Avida Settings Alviera will have assurance of valuable and high-appreciation investment.

Proximity to Economic and Industrial Zones

The town of Porac is near the cities of Angeles and San Fernando, both powerhouses in their respective rights. The two cities are home to various industrial and economic zones where more than 100,000 people travel everyday outside of these cities after work and recreation. Some found their way to Porac which make the town their retreat after a tiring day’s work. Investing in The Settings Alviera is truly proven to be worth every penny.

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